Race To The Top Of Vermont


The Hardest Race Anyone Can Do!

This event isn’t only for those individuals that are driven to train 7 days a week or are blessed with outstanding genetics. This is an event for Everyone. Now… that doesn’t mean the Race To The Top is easy. It’s not. It means this course is going to challenge you. But, with enough determination you will succeed. You will make it to the Top of Vermont, and we hope you will be inspired by your success and the successes of all of those around you. 


About The Race

Every August the North Face Race To The Top Of Vermont draws as many as 800 hikers, mountain bikers, and runners from across the U.S. and Canada to climb Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak located in Stowe, VT. The course climbs up the historic Toll Road, is 4.3 miles in length, and climbs 2564 ft. For some it’s all about trying to achieve a fast time up this tough 4.3 mile course. For others… they come to challenge themselves, and to enjoy the spectacular views. 

But, no matter why you came, for everyone the North Face Race To The Top Of Vermont is about supporting the Catamount Trail Association and all of the good work they do. This event is their largest fundraiser of the year and while you test your limits know that 100% of the money raised at this event goes to support backcountry skiing here in Vermont!