Peak Physical Therapy


Peak Physical Therapists

Our  physical therapists provide specialized physical therapy and performance training services. Our methodology bridges the gap between rehabilitation and performance with the goal of getting all of our clients fully engaged in their active life.

Peak Physical Therapy is under the ownership of Susan Dodge, PT. Susan is a well-respected physical therapist and has been in practice in Vermont for 30 year. Additionally, Susan is a highly regarded and accomplished elite level athlete. She shares her passion for health, wellness, and experience in leading a clinical staff of four as Peak Performance. In addition she oversees the practices of InBalance Massage Therapy and Functional Fitness that add to the depth and breadth of services offered. Peak Performance is a Physical Therapy Athletic Training and Personal Training center that focuses on the individual needs of each client. Peak physical therapists offers a unique approach to rehabilitation and wellness, based in postural restoration and Neurac® (Neuromuscular Reactivation) methodologies that look at “The Big Picture.” Peak Performance formerly operated under the name Poulin Performance that was founded in 2002.