Let us find the shoes that are right for you.

Our goal is not to sell you a pair of shoes, but to fit you with the right equipment. The right shoes make your whole body feel good. It's our job to narrow the huge assortment of running shoes available to you down to the handful that will work best for you.

We do that by taking you through our fitting process. The Fleet Feet Footwear Fit Process is a personal evaluation method that includes interviewing, measuring, observing and evaluating you to determine the unique characteristics that you require in a running shoe.

We follow the Three F's:

  • FUNCTION: The most important concern is that you choose a shoe that works with your bio-mechanics. Alignment is paramount. Not enough support, and you will collapse inward. Too much support and you will be pushed outward. If the shoe is too rigid, you will fight it. If it is too flexible, you will feel insecure. Until we nail the proper functionality, how the shoe fits and feels is irrelevant.


  • FIT: Having completed the function part of the process, we now know what type of shoe you require. This eliminates about two thirds of the shoe wall from consideration. But, the right shoe doesn't do you any good if doesn't fit. Fit is about more than just size. In fact, the number on the box is the least important aspect of fit. Feet are three dimensional, and they also have shape. We want the length, width and volume of the shoe to match your foot. We also want the shoe last to match the specific shape of your foot. 


  • FEEL: Finally, the shoe has to feel good. If we have done our job properly with the function and fit aspects, then we can rely on your feedback regarding how the shoe feels to complete the selection process. 

We only carry shoes of the highest quality and most of the companies make a full range of shoes covering all of the functional categories. 

Come on in and let us take the random guesswork out of choosing a pair of running shoes.